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DUP allowing Peter Hain to dictate spending priorities

31 January, 2006

Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness MP today said that the continuing failure of the DUP to show the necessary political leadership was allowing British Direct Rule Ministers to continue to take bad decisions.

Mr McGuinness said:

"No doubt we will today hear unionist politicians justifiably complain about elements of Peter Hain's spending review plans. These plans will impact on almost every area of the public sector here. Yet it is ironic that the reason Peter Hain and the rest of the Direct Rule Administration are in a position to exercise such power is because the DUP in particular have failed to demonstrate the necessary political leadership and continue to refuse to engage in the business of restoring the political institutions.

"Republicans have dealt decisively with genuine unionist concerns. There are no excuses for the DUP failing to engage. In recent weeks we have encouraged the two governments to harness the potential delivered by the IRA initiatives and set about speedily driving forward a process which will see a fully functioning Assembly and Executive.

"The government's have privately and publicly indicated a willingness to go down this road. Sinn Fein are ready to play our part. We will not allow ourselves to become distracted by a negative agenda being followed by rejectionist unionism or the securocrats through their IMC proxy.

"Peter Hain is sending out a clear message today - British Direct Rule Ministers will continue to exercise power and take decisions based on the demands of the British Exchequer rather than the needs of the people who live here. It is long past the time that the DUP woke up to this reality and started showing the sort of political confidence and maturity required to share power with the rest of us." ENDS

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