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MacManus welcomes Brexit solidarity from AGRI MEPs

9 December, 2020 - by Chris MacManus MEP

MacManus welcomes Brexit solidarity from AGRI MEPs

Sinn Féin MEP Chris MacManus has welcomed the expression of solidarity from members of the European Parliament Agricultural Committee. MacManus, speaking from Brussels, commented:

“At this week’s meeting of the European Parliament Agricultural Committee, an agenda item was devoted to the impact of Brexit on Ireland. The debate was informed excellently by presentations from Tim Cullinan, President of the IFA, and Paul Kelly, Director of Food Drink Ireland.”

“Their contributions brought home to MEPs, from all over Europe, that a no deal Brexit could really be an Armageddon situation for Irish farmers, and the wider food production industry.”

“It became abundantly clear to my committee colleagues that Ireland was going to require the lion’s share of the 5 billion EU Brexit fund, given we would be facing at least 1.5 billion per year in new tariffs for trade with England.”

The Midlands Northwest MEP welcomed the support from his colleagues: “I was very pleased to listen to MEPs from across the political spectrum agree that the situation of Ireland is unique and that must be reflected in the level of support given.”

“However, it must be remembered that although the members of the committee, many of whom are farmers, appreciate the need to ensure the survival of the sector, this is not a view shared by all members of the European Parliament.”

MacManus concluded by outlining the importance of convincing others: “I believe it is now my job of work to convince those members of the parliament who don’t share this understanding, and see the Brexit fund as something their country should get a slice of as a point of principle.

“Sinn Féin is committed to seeing the fund distributed fairly and transparently with actual, quantifiable, overall economic impact on a country and regions as the main criteria in how it is distributed.” ENDS

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