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‘Heartless British government continue to deny families truth’ - Dillon

23 December, 2020 - by Linda Dillon

Sinn Féin MLA Linda Dillon said today it was heartless that the British government continues to frustrate families seeking the truth about its role in the conflict.

Speaking on the sixth anniversary of the Stormont House Agreement Linda Dillon said:

“Six years ago today the British government, Irish government and main political parties agreed a set of mechanisms at Stormont House to deal with the legacy of the past.

“However, like its refusal to honour its commitment and legal obligation to hold a public inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane the British government has delayed and reneged on the implementation of its agreement.

“The British government’s refusal to honour its promises has frustrated the families of victims who are searching for the truth about the killings of their loved ones.

“Some of these relatives have been waiting 50 years, half a century, for the truth. 

“That is heartless, cruel and  unacceptable and shows no regard for the suffering of these families. 

“Families deserve to have some type of closure so that their children and grandchildren don’t have to carry on this fight but be in no doubt if they have to, they will.

“It is long past the time the British government stopped insulting and compounding the hurt of victims and families and finally implement the legacy measures it has already agreed to.” 

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