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Rogan to contact Hastings Group about the fate of workers

3 January, 2021 - by Emma Rogan

Sinn Féin MLA Emma Rogan said today she is deeply concerned after being contacted by staff on precarious zero hour contracts working in the Hastings Hotel group who are now worried about their future employment.

Emma Rogan said:

“Sinn Féin has been contacted by staff on zero-hour contracts in the Hastings Group who are worried about their future employment and who won’t be furloughed over January and beyond.

“This has come as a body blow to these workers and their families right at the start of the New Year and is another blow to the local economy.

“Many of these workers went the extra mile at work when restrictions were lifted in the pre Christmas period.

“My party colleague Chris Hazzard MP and I will be contacting the Hastings Group on behalf of the workers affected to clarify this situation as soon as possible..

“This points up once again the need to end the use of zero-hour contracts.

“Sinn Féin MLA Jemma Dolan is sponsoring a Private Members Bill to ban zero-hour contracts and provide fairness and certainty to workers and their families.

“If passed, it will ensure that workers are given guarantees over their minimum and maximum working hours each week and prevent employers further exploiting workers.”

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