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Hallinan - Stop tolling madness

7 February, 2006

Sinn Féin Councillor Martin Hallinan today called on the Minister for Transport Martin Cullen to scrap the proposed toll on the Fermoy by-pass and to end the chaos surrounding the policy of tolling on our major roads.


Cllr Martin Hallinan said: “It is absolutely nonsensical that while the Minister of Transport is removing toll booths from the M50 he is overseeing the installation of new ones on the Fermoy bypass.   Is this man incapable of learning from past mistakes?  Must he continue to waste huge amounts of taxpayer’s money in a mistaken belief that he is saving face?”


“The amount of money expected to be paid to National Toll Roads for the M50 debacle would build two new hospitals on green field sites.  Yet here he goes imposing new toll booths on the Fermoy bypass while the technology is available to toll without stopping traffic.  He is repeating the very mistakes made on the M50.  In a few years will Martin Cullen or his successor turn around and pay a huge sum of taxpayer’s money to buy out this tolling operation – another cash cow for some private firm”


“It is clear that the policy of tolling on our roads is ill thought out and extremely expensive for drivers and taxpayers.  Tolling the Fermoy by-pass will cause untold misery for towns like Watergrasshill and Rathcormac, which will have to bear the brunt of the expected 40% of motorists and the HGV drivers who will use them as a rat run to avoid the high cost of the trolls.  It will result in an increase in deaths and injuries from accidents on these rat runs.”


“I am calling on the Minister to stop this nonsense.    Scrap the tolls now before they cause untold misery to drivers and residents and expense to the taxpayers.”Ends


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