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Sheerin progresses proposal on Gender Budgeting

9 March, 2021 - by Emma Sheerin

Sinn Féin MLA Emma Sheerin has progressed a Private Members Bill proposal on Gender Budgeting.

The party's equality spokesperson said: 

"This week we marked International Women's Day, which is about celebrating the achievements of women around the world but which is also about bringing attention to important issues relating to gender equality.

“Despite women constituting 53 percent of the population of the north, gender inequality persists.

“Decisions made by government departments can often disproportionately impact on women.

“Gender Budgeting is an approach to departmental budgeting that requires an assessment of the impact of government policies on women and considers their impact on existing gender inequalities and potentially new inequalities.

“Where women generally have been disadvantaged – such as in employment and pay, or in terms of unpaid caring responsibilities – this disadvantage is greater again for minority women.

“I am progressing a Private Members Bill on Gender Budgeting as an important intervention in helping to address gender inequality in our society.

“I look forward to the support for my bill from all MLAs who are committed to delivering equality for women in the north of Ireland.”

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