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Government parties have failed renters again through inaction - Senator Fintan Warfield

9 March, 2021 - by Fintan Warfield

Sinn Féin Senator Fintan Warfield has expressed his disappointment that the Government has failed renters by rejecting his attempts to introduce a rescue package to give renters a break.

The Sinn Féin motion was debated in the Seanad last night and attempted to introduce key measures to help renters who face sky high rents.

The Government amended the motion by deleting key references to the severity of the crisis and replacing it with a list of Programme for Government commitments that remain to be implemented a year on.

Senator Fintan Warfield, who proposed the motion, said:

“I am deeply disappointed that the government parties have again shown no urgency when it comes to the housing and private rental market. They have failed thousands of renters across the state by failing to act on the housing crisis.

“Renters need a break. They are under huge financial pressure to pay sky high rents for often poor quality and cramped accommodation. Renters feel trapped and the Government isn’t taking the action needed to stop this housing crisis.

“What I witnessed last night was a complete failure by Government Senators to grasp the real situation facing renters. They appear to have no appreciation or empathy for the security and certainty of tenure that renters need.

“Promises from Government to take action are meaningless without a timeframe.

“Renters face a deadline every month as they pay more and more money to keep a roof over their heads.

“Our motion called for immediate action so that a difference for the better can be made for renters. This is needed urgently as renters can’t wait- they need a break now.

“The pandemic has changed people’s priorities. People want bold decisions that address the issues important to ordinary workers and families. 

“There is a demand for change which goes way beyond the current pandemic.

“While I am disappointed that this Government has failed renters yet again, I will not be deterred. Sinn Féin will continue to put forward solutions that assert the right of people to safe, secure and affordable accommodation.

“Sinn Féin will continue to stand up for renters and ensure that renters get a financial break as a matter of priority.”

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