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Fresh dialogue on new Ireland needed - Hazzard

17 March, 2021 - by Chris Hazzard

Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard has said a new dialogue is needed on the relationship between Britain and Ireland as we move towards the creation of a new Ireland. 

Speaking at the annual CHAMP Westminster St Patrick's Day event, the South Down MP said: 

"During the past decade in Ireland we have been collectively marking many significant centenary events - moments in time that would define our relationship with Britain for 100 years and more. 

"It is a relationship that has been characterised by colonialism, partition, political division and conflict; but is slowly being transformed towards peace, reconciliation and renewed co-operation. 

"The next phase in this process is undoubtedly the issue of Irish reunification.

"The political landscape is changing, demographics are moving fast, and Irish society north and south is engaged in a conversation about the future and the type of future we want to have; and the country we want to live in.

"Unlike anything that went before, this time the future of the island of Ireland will be decided by the people of Ireland, north and south. But the Irish diaspora and supporters of democracy and self-determination can, and will undoubtedly play their part too. 

"Whether someone is pro-unity or pro-union, there is nothing to fear from a mature, inclusive and reasoned debate." 

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