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Joanne Corcoran Dublin Mid West Representative - Motion 55 - Dublin Monaghan bombing

17 February, 2006

Republicans throughout this island know only too well the reality of British State collusion and the effects which that policy had in Ireland. Collusion was not a case of a few bad apples. That's a lie and the British government know it's a lie. Collusion was a state sanctioned policy of murder, intimidation and terror.

The SDLP and others in this state chose to ignore it when it was at its height and republicans will not now take lectures on the issue of truth and justice from such people.

The British state will have to come clean. Bit by bit courageous families like the Finucanes or those involved in An Fhirinne have shone a light where the British State does not want it shone.

The Dublin Government must also face up to its responsibilities.

It is not good enough for Bertie Ahern to state, as he did last week, that he does not expect that the British Government will change its mind on the Pat Finucane inquiry.

As you know the Finucane family is refusing to co-operate with any inquiry held under the terms of the Inquiries Bill, which gives British ministers and British intelligence agencies the ability to effectively gag proceedings. The Taoiseach should be in Downing Street demanding an end to the veto on the truth about collusion. He should demand a special summit with Tony Blair devoted exclusively to this subject.

It is not just another item on the agenda. These are the same securocrats who have thwarted efforts to find the truth about the Dublin and Monaghan bombings of 1974 which claimed 33 lives, or any of the instances of collusion or direct British attacks in the 26 Counties which claimed 47 lives in all.

If the securocrats are not faced down on collusion how can they be faced down over their obstruction of the Peace Process in general?

The Dublin Government has weakened its own authority to challenge Britain on these issues because elements in its own State also sought to close down investigations of collusion.

It further undermined its position when it co-operated in the establishment of the now totally discredited Independent Monitoring Commission.

That legislation was opposed all the way by Sinn Féin - but only two other TDs supported us by voting against it in the Dáil. Since that vote in December 2003 the taxpayer in the 26 Counties has been footing the bill for this mouthpiece of British intelligence to the tune of €1.5 million per year.

The pressure of public opinion must be brought to bear on the Dublin government, especially from within the 26 Counties. This is why it is vital that the political strength of Sinn Féin is increased nationally

Many families are relying on us to help them in their search of the truth.

We must be ready to assist them in any way we can. The British government's days of denial and concealment must be ended if we are truly going to move into a new future based on peace and justice.

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