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McGuigan condemns attack on PSNI officer's cars in Larne

29 April, 2021 - by Philip McGuigan

Sinn Féin MLA Philip McGuigan has condemned an attack on cars at the home of a PSNI officer in Larne. 

The North Antrim MLA said: 

"This attack on vehicles belonging to a community PSNI officer in Larne was wrong and I condemn it. 

"Thankfully no one was injured in this incident but it must have been a frightening experience for the officer and their family and those in the vicinity. 

"In recent months there has been increasingly violent rhetoric targeting the PSNI and police officers with sinister posters and graffiti appearing in loyalist areas across the north. 

"We have also had leaders from within political unionism undermining support for the PSNI and questioning the rule of law. 

"Those responsible for this and other attacks on the PSNI have nothing to offer society. 

"These loyalist paramilitary gangs need to pack up and go away once and for all." 

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