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US Senate united in supporting the Good Friday Agreement - Mary Lou McDonald TD

18 May, 2021 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Late last night, the US Senate unanimously passed Resolution 117, which declared “support for the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, or the Belfast Agreement, and subsequent agreements and arrangements for implementation to support peace on the island of Ireland.”

The resolution had been introduced by Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, Chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations, and Republican Senator Susan Collins.  

The resolution was co-signed by 14 additional senators, including Democrat Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer.

Responding today, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald said:

“The US Senate last night sent a powerful message that they are united in supporting the Good Friday and subsequent agreements.

“I would like to thank Senators Menendez and Collins for their leadership on this resolution, which was unanimously passed with the support of both Democrats and Republicans.

“This is an extremely welcome intervention at a time when our agreements are being challenged by a reckless British Government and a section of rejectionist unionists. 

"The Good Friday Agreement must prevail. The primacy of democracy and peace must triumph over threat and bad faith.

“The US values our agreements and political process. Last night they spoke with one voice. 

"The resolution is explicit that the Good Friday Agreement, Stormont House Agreement and the Irish Protocol must be implemented.

"The injustices of the past must be resolved, and rights of citizens are protected in a Bill of Rights.

“The Senate made clear that any future trade deal between the US and Britain must take account of the actions of the British Government to meet their obligation under the Good Friday Agreement."

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