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Irish Government must challenge British Government on amnesty - Maskey

25 May, 2021 - by Paul Maskey

Sinn Fein MPs today attended the Ballymurphy Massacre Good Friday Agreement Oireachtas Committee meeting. 

West Belfast MP Paul Maskey said:

"Today representatives of the Ballymurphy Massacre families presented to the Oireachtas Good Friday Agreement Committee, sharing their story of five decades of campaigning for the truth in the face of adversity shown by successive British Governments.

"In spite of the arrogance of the British Government, the strength and resilience of the Ballymurphy families shown through as they refused to be side-lined and silenced.

"Plans by the British Government to put British soldiers beyond the law in the wake of the Ballymurphy Massacre inquests, which exposed the British Army in the murder of Irish citizens and the subsequent cover-up, are truly reprehensible. 

"There is an obligation on the Irish Government to challenge the British Government on any proposed amnesty, as it would breach legacy agreements which both Governments signed up to and is an insult to the families of victims.

"The British Army deployed soldiers onto the streets of Belfast, these soldiers callously and inhumanely murdered Irish citizens, those involved in this murder cannot be placed above the law."

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