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Masked men at illegal parade sinister and concerning - Maskey

10 June, 2021 - by Paul Maskey

Sinn Féin MP Paul Maskey has said the appearance of masked men leading and taking part in an illegal loyalist parade in west Belfast is sinister and concerning. 

The West Belfast MP said: 

"The appearance of numerous masked men leading and taking part in an illegal loyalist parade in the Shankill area of west Belfast is sinister and disturbing. 

"Videos and images have been widely shared on social media showing masked men marching, carrying containers of petrol and preparing to destroy a stolen Sinn Féin banner, then setting it alight against an interface fence, just yards from the homes of nationalists, in a deliberate attempt to provoke and raise tensions. 

"We have witnessed the recent violence on the streets where property was destroyed, police officers injured and people left terrified in their homes. Those scenes cannot be repeated. 

"The PSNI now need to address this illegal parade and the actions associated with it. 

"Those within positions of leadership in political unionism also need to come out and condemn the scenes witnessed tonight, including masked men standing outside a DUP constituency office, and others holdings sinister banners targeting US President, Joe Biden. 

"Hooded men on our streets or calls to provoke instability have no place in our society and those in positions of leadership need to make that clear." 

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