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Police must act on harassment and intimidation from bonfire site – Magee

3 July, 2021 - by JJ Magee

Sinn Féin Councillor JJ Magee said that the PSNI must act to put an end to anti-social behaviour at a bonfire on a site at Adams St in north Belfast.

And he called again for the bonfire to be moved away from its location at an interface which he said is aimed at raising community tension.

JJ Magee said:

“The decision to move this bonfire close to the interface was aimed at increasing community tensions.

“There have been disturbances, homes attacked and windows broken and residents who live on the interface are living in fear.

“The bonfire has become a magnet for anti-social behaviour and now on top of the attacks and intimidation loud music is being played and crowds are gathering late into the night.

“Residents contacted me last night to say that older people and children are unable to sleep with the noise.

“Residents told me they contacted Belfast City Council’s Noise Control last night and they claimed it is a policing matter. The police took no action.

“It is not good enough for residents to be held to ransom by anti-social elements while the statutory bodies responsible sit on their hands and do nothing.

“All of this is a direct result of the decision to move this bonfire close to people’s homes in an effort to stoke up community tensions.

“The behaviors associated with this bonfire is not culture, has nothing to do with culture and the crime and anti-social behaviour emanating from this must be tackled.

“The bonfire should be moved and police should do their job on crime and anti-social behaviour.”

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