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Pa Daly TD raises questions on Covid-19 guidelines in Direct Provision Centres

12 July, 2021 - by Pa Daly TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Equality, Integration and Law Reform Pa Daly TD has questioned some of the Covid-19 guidelines in Direct Provision Centres to ensure that they are keeping current with general public health guidelines. 

The Sinn Féin TD for Kerry said:

“It has come to my attention that some of the Covid-19 guidelines in IPAS run centres do not take into account residents who are fully vaccinated.

“In one case a Tralee-based resident, who is permitted to and is keen to work, obtained early morning shifts at a workplace in Killarney but could not travel from the centre to work in time. 

“The asylum-seeker stayed overnight in Killarney for three nights but was then obliged to travel to Co Louth and spend a full 14 days in quarantine there if he wanted to keep his accommodation. The only means of transport to Louth is via public transportation. 

“This person has worked in the vaccination centres in Kerry and is trying to gain enough financial independence to move out of the Direct Provision centre. 

“These guidelines are set by the Department of Children, Equality, Integration and Youth. I discussed this with Minister O’Gorman yesterday and argued that the general public health guidelines should apply to Direct Provision centres. 

 “It appears that no provision has been made for residents who are fully vaccinated, or indeed for the use of antigen testing. 

 “I am calling for fairness to be applied and for these guidelines to be revised and updated in light of the national public health guidelines for fully vaccinated people.”

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