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Publication of Minister's letter approving emergency purchase of 200MW of fossil fuels on day of IPCC report 'tone deaf' - Senator Lynn Boylan

10 August, 2021 - by Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Climate Justice Senator Lynn Boylan has criticised the 'tone deaf' publication of a letter approving the acquisition of 200MW of fossil fuels.

Speaking this evening, Senator Boylan said:

"While energy shortages for the coming winter have been flagged, it is particularly tone deaf for the Commission for Regulation of Utilities to publish a letter from Minister Ryan approving the acquisition of 200MW of fossil fuels within 24 hours of the IPCC releasing its most damning report on climate change.

"How can we be expected to take the Minister's words on climate action seriously when his actions are doing the opposite?  

"Government policy has facilitated the proliferation of data centres in this country with no consideration of how those developments will impact on our energy supply or our emissions targets.  

"Now it is clear that Government policy is coming home to roost with the CRU identifying a shortfall in energy supply for this coming Winter that will need to be bridged by fossil fuels. Instead of emergency climate action, we have a situation whereby we need emergency sources of fossil fuels.

"We cannot continue with these empty promises and vague platitudes about the climate crisis. The Government must act with urgency and ambition to bring about the climate justice which is required to protect our planet and our communities." 

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