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Taoiseach must take action and apply appropriate sanctions on Minister Coveney - Mary Lou McDonald TD

8 September, 2021 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald has called on Taoiseach Micheál Martin to act on his acceptance that what Minister Simon Coveney did was wrong and apply appropriate sanctions.

She reminded the Taoiseach that he is head of government, not just the Fianna Fáil part of it, and added that if he is not willing to act, then Sinn Féin will. 

Teachta McDonald said:

“For the last eight weeks, Minister Coveney has repeatedly changed his story and it is clear that there is absolutely no credibility to anything he is saying.

“He continues to deny that a job offer was made in March.

“He continues to deny that there was lobbying.

“He kept information from the Taoiseach for more than four months

“He destroyed departmental records, which he is obliged to keep under the law.

“This is not behaviour that is acceptable from any minister.

“The Taoiseach is head of the entire government and not just the Fianna Fáil element of it.

“He has accepted that what Simon Coveney did was wrong. If that is to mean anything, he needs to act and apply appropriate sanctions.  

“If he is not willing to act, then Sinn Féin will.

“This was cronyism pure and simple. It goes to the heart of how politics has been conducted in this state for decades, and it is why we have bad government after bad government. 

“People are sick to their back teeth of it.

“It is why we still have a housing crisis, why our hospitals are overcrowded, why our health service is on its knees, and why we have an economy that does not work for ordinary people. 

“All of these things can be fixed, put right and made better. 

“But the culture of entitlement and arrogance at the heart of government has to go. We need change like never before.”

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