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Agriculture Committee must examine illegal puppy smuggling - Senator Lynn Boylan

13 September, 2021 - by Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin Senator Lynn Boylan has this morning written to the Chair of the Agriculture and Marine Committee requesting an examination of the laws preventing illegal export of puppies.

Senator Boylan, a member of the Agriculture and the Marine Committee, said:

“Unscrupulous puppy farmers continue to smuggle out the puppies through our ports illegally.

“Not only are the puppies raised in horrendous conditions, but they also do not get the proper vaccinations or medicines, or the right paperwork like microchips and pet passports.

“To make matters worse, the puppies are taken from their mothers too young.

“More needs to be done to block the puppy farmers route to market.

“The Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 has been helpful in bringing convictions, but the rate of exports is still too high.

“I am writing to the Chair of the Agriculture Committee to consider this issue and conduct post-enactment scrutiny of the law.

“The Agriculture Committee has a clear role to examine animal welfare issues and conducting scrutiny of bills already enacted.”

“We need to see whether the legislation is working out in practice as intended, and if not, to figure out why and to recommend how to address the problems.”

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