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Death threats expose UDA's 'end to criminality' sham - Gerry Kelly

8 March, 2006

Sinn Féin MLA for North Belfast Gerry Kelly has today called upon unionist politicians to stand with the taxi firms in North Belfast to bring an end to the UDA’s latest campaign of intimidation against nationalists in North Belfast.


Mr Kelly made his comments after the PSNI delivered a warning of death threats made against at least three North Belfast taxi firms and to the homes of a number of local men last night.


Speaking this morning Mr Kelly said:


“Last night’s threats are the most recent attempt by the UDA in North Belfast to crank up sectarian tension and intimidation. The PSNI last night visited at least three taxi depots and the homes of a number of nationalists to warn them about threats made against them.


“This latest development coupled with the attempted murder of a taxi man at the weekend is further evidence that the UDA’s public pronouncements on ending criminality are nothing more than a PR stunt. How do they square this circle when they are making threats under the names of the Red Hand Defenders.   


“I want to take this opportunity to call upon unionist politicians to stand with the rest of us in solidarity with those providing a public service, to have the death threats against the nationalist community of North Belfast removed. Their silence has been deafening on this matter. They sit on forums with these loyalist organizations and need to speak out publicly and call on the UDA to withdraw such threats.” ENDS

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