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Irish and British governments need to move decisively

8 March, 2006

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP speaking in Dublin this morning said, "the Irish and British governments have an opportunity today to move decisively to advance the political process. The time for hedging their bets and stock taking is over. I think the views of all of the parties are well established and interim measures such as a Shadow Assembly serve no purpose but to put off a decision that needs to be taken now.

"The governments should meet with all of the parties and set out a timetable for the restoration of the Assembly and the Executive. This needs to happen in the coming months, in advance of the start of the marching season.

"The DUP should be given every opportunity to join with the other parties in a power sharing government but their strangle hold over the process has to end. If they refuse to work with the other parties, the governments should end the farce and close the Assembly. But it is crucial that in so doing they quickly take up their responsibilities and implement fully all of the outstanding aspects of the Good Friday Agreement. And to compensate for the closure of the Assembly the governments should expand the all-Ireland areas of joint responsibility and the number of Implementation Bodies." ENDS

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