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Sinn Féin launch "End Political Policing Campaign"

10 March, 2006

Sinn Féin President, Gerry Adams speaking at the launch of the party's "End Political Policing Campaign" has said that political policing is a threat to everyone. Mr Adams was joined at the launch by North Belfast MLA Kathy Stanton and Upper Bann MLA John O'Dowd.

Mr Adams said:

"This campaign is about confronting and ending Political Policing. It is a threat to us all.

"It was Political Detectives who effectively organised a coup d‚etat to collapse the power-sharing Executive and Assembly which was voted for by people. This was a direct attack on democracy. We also saw it in the arrest of Francie Brolly and the raids on Casement Park.

"The securocrats and the political detectives are still at war. Their aim is to prevent change - changes in policing; to stop the restoration of the power-sharing Executive and the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement; and to undermine the Peace Process.

"The end of political policing requires action by the British government. It is their responsibility. The end political policing requires powers on policing and justice to be transferred into a locally elected Assembly within a new framework of equality and human rights on an all-Ireland basis.

"With 3,000 posters, 150,000 leaflets, a day of action and protest on March 15th and lobbying Sinn Féin is challenging political policing and demanding that the British government move to end it."

Upper Bann MLA John O‚Dowd added:

"There are still those in political unionism or nationalism who try to ignore Political Policing. This is cowardice.

"In four years on the Policing Board, the SDLP in particular has failed to hold the Political Detectives publicly to account and failed to end Collusion and Political Policing.

"Hugh Orde admitted in 2003, when speaking in America, that there are some in the PSNI who want him to fail. I believe that there are still British securocrats and Political Detectives who want the Agreement, power-sharing and negotiations for a new beginning to policing to fail. The evidence shows that many of them are still in the PSNI today." ENDS

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