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Gerry Adams will seek US support to advance peace process

11 March, 2006

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP will travel to the US next week to attend a series of engagements in New York, Washington DC and Massachusetts. During the trip Mr. Adams will be seeking US support for the party's strategy for the speedy restoration of the political institutions. In New York Mr. Adams will brief Irish American supporters of the peace process and meet with the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform. Mr. Adams will then travel to Washington DC where he will brief senior members of Congress including Senators Kennedy, Dodd and Clinton and attend the St. Patrick's Day event in the White House.

Speaking in advance of the trip Mr. Adams said:

" Last week I wrote to the Taoiseach and the British Prime Minister asking that they set out a timetable for the restoration of the Assembly and the Executive, well in advance of the start of the loyalist marching season. Next week I will be meeting with supporters of the peace process in Irish America, Congress and the White House and I will be urging everyone to do all in their power to see this happen. The governments know that the current talks are going nowhere but if they continue to allow the DUP to veto all attempts at progress they risk running the entire process into the ground. There is an opportunity to end the impasse in the political and peace process but it means the governments taking decisive action in the coming weeks."ENDS

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