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Dublin South Sinn Féin representative slams Minister Brennan's breathtaking hypocrisy on selfishness and arrogance

13 March, 2006

Dublin South Sinn Féin representative Shaun Tracey has expressed his disbelief at what he called the Minister for Social and Family Affairs, Seamus Brennan's "breathtaking hypocrisy" in criticising Irish people for "increasingly displaying selfishness, impatience and arrogance." The Government Minister had made his comments at the Accord Conference in Cavan on Sunday.

Mr Tracey said, "It was with complete disbelief that I learned of the Minister's comments. The breathtaking hypocrisy of it all is remarkable. This after all is a Minister from a Government whose name is a byword for greed and arrogance. Only in the last week have we once again heard of Fianna Fáil ministers and their forgetfulness about the large sums of money they received from property speculators and developers -- indeed one of them from this constituency. I would agree with the central premise of the Ministers comments, that some people in Ireland have indeed become increasingly selfish and arrogant. But it didn't just happen with the Celtic Tiger as he suggests -- it stems directly from the self-serving political establishment who have corruptly run this state for the last two or three decades in their own selfish interest." ENDS

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