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Action needed to support families and businesses with soaring energy prices - Archibald

25 November, 2021 - by Caoimhe Archibald

Sinn Féin MLA Caoimhe Archibald has said action is needed to help families and businesses as energy prices continue to soar.

The party's economy spokesperson:

"Yesterday I met the utility regulator and it is clear soaring prices are not a blip and gas and electricity bills will continue to rise significantly putting already struggling workers and families under more pressure.

"It is also hitting businesses and will put jobs at risk over coming months.

“Finance Minister Conor Murphy has urged Executive Ministers to look if funding can be directed towards supporting those struggling with rising energy costs.

"However, so far there has been no action by either the British or Irish government to tackle this cost of living crisis.

"In other European states measures including VAT reductions on energy bills, slashing of energy surcharges and windfall taxes on generators have been put in place.

"No such measures have been forthcoming in either Britain or the 26 counties,

"Conor Murphy has written to the British Treasury urging a VAT reduction on energy bills while party colleagues in the south have urged the Irish government to do likewise.

"I have also written to the British Chancellor calling for a windfall tax on generators who are seeing increased profits as a result of rising prices, which could then be directed towards fuel payment support.

"It is time both the British government and Dublin government got their heads out of the sand and tackled soaring energy prices on top of other rising costs means for families and businesses.” 

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