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Hain remarks - an admission of political realities

15 March, 2006

Responding to remarks today by the British Secretary of State Peter Hain stating clearly to the DUP that progress can only be made with the inclusion of Sinn Féin, party Vice President Pat Doherty MP said:

"What Peter Hain stated clearly today in the course of the debate with Ian Paisley is common sense. The politics of exclusion are the politics of failure and this is the message which we have been pressing home for well over ten years.

"Those of us who wish to see progress made in the coming weeks can only hope that today‚s intervention by Peter Hain is the start of the two governments ending the pandering to the DUP and getting back onto the agenda of the Good Friday Agreement.

"It has long past the time when Ian Paisley should have been debunked of the notion that there was any possibility of political progress which did not involve Sinn Féin. That reality has been stark for many years. If the DUP are going to live up to their responsibilities and start delivering for the people who elect them in a power sharing arrangement, then such an Executive will involve Sinn Féin. Any notion which the DUP may harbour of pressing ahead towards some sort of majority unionist rule is a fantasy and simply will not happen.

"Today's remarks by Peter Hain must now be backed up with decisive action from the two governments through injecting momentum into the process and setting a speedy timeframe for the lifting of suspension and the restoration of the political institutions." ENDS

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