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Time to get institutions back up and running

22 March, 2006

Sinn Féin Assembly group leader, John O'Dowd MLA has welcomed the publication of University of Edinburgh research highlighting the fact that ordinary people strongly support the restoration of the assembly and called on all political parties to work together to get the political institutions back up and running.

Mr O‚Dowd said:

"This report reinforces what Sinn Féin are hearing on a daily basis not just from ordinary people but also from the business and community sector, namely that they want an end to direct rule and the return of the local institutions with accountable minister taking the important decisions about our future.

"The message is clear. It is time to get the institutions back up and running. All political parties need to work together. The time for excuses and barriers is over.

"In terms of tackling sectarianism and division, the best way to show leadership is by demonstrating that we can all work together positively to find solutions to what are common problems faced by people no matter what community they come from. Issues such as Industrial de-rating, water charges, cuts to education services and access to hospitals theses are issues that affect everyone.

"This research indicates that a majority want local elected politicians taking responsibility instead of direct rule ministers and that the DUP are increasingly becoming out of step with their base. It is the time for leadership and time to show the most reactionary sections of our society that all of us work together for the common good.

"Sinn Féin have told the two governments what they need to do to get the institutions back up. The two governments should lift suspension and run d'Hondt with the purpose of electing a First and Deputy First Minster and the appointment of Ministers. If that fails then If this fails then the Assembly should be scrapped and the salaries paid to the MLAs should be withdrawn." ENDS

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