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ETA statement in full

22 March, 2006

Message from Euskadi Ta Askatasuna to the Basque People.

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna has decided to declare a permanent ceasefire from March 24th 2006.

The objective of this decision is to encourage a democratic process in Euskal Herria in order to build a new framework in which the rights as a people which correspond to us can be recognised and looking to the future assuring us the possibility of the development of all political options.

At the end of this process the Basque citizens must have the word and decision on their future.

The Spanish and French states must recognise the results of such a democratic process, without any type of limitations. The decisions which the Basque citizens take on our future must be respected.

We make a call to all the agents to act with responsibility, and be conscious of the step taken by ETA.

ETA makes a call to the Spanish and French authorities to respond to this new situation in a positive manner, leaving repression to one side.

Finally, we make a call to all the men and women of the Basque country to get involved in this process, and to fight for the rights which as a patria correspond to us.

ETA expresses its wish and will that the process now started reaches its end, and in that we a real democratic situation is achieved for Euskal Herria, overcoming the conflict of many long years and constructing a peace based on justice.

We reaffirm our intention to carry on taking steps in the future in line with this wish.

The end of conflict, here and now is possible. This is the wish and the will of ETA.

Euskal Herrian, 2006 ko martxoan

Euskadi Ta Askatsasuna


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