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Gerry Adams warns Irish and British Governments over next steps

23 March, 2006

Speaking today at the launch of a commemorative candle to remember the Hunger Strikes of 1981, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams told the two government that Sinn Féin and other republicans have delivered big time in terms of this process and that it was now over to the governments to do likewise.

Mr. Adams said:

"I'm very concerned at the current position of both governments.

"The responsibility and the obligation of the governments is to implement the Good Friday Agreement, and the briefings being done, particularly by the Irish government, are all about shifting the focus of responsibility for progress away from the governments and onto Sinn Féin and the DUP.

"Rather than looking at how they can change the Good Friday Agreement to suit the DUP, the governments need to be coming forward with propositions which are about implementing the Good Friday Agreement and then endeavouring to get the DUP on board.

"So I think there is a considerable challenge facing the governments in the upcoming time and a considerable challenge facing the DUP, and it isn't between Sinn Féin and the DUP. Our party obviously will look at whatever proposals the governments are going to bring forward and we're obviously, as you may guess, in daily contact with them.

"Our position is very well known to everyone.

"There's only one Assembly and that's the Assembly as outlined by the Good Friday Agreement. There isn't any half-way house, in-between, transitional, interim arrangement. There is the Assembly that the Agreement set out, that people voted for, that worked for a short while, that was popular and relatively efficient when it did function, and that's where the governments need to be.

"Sinn Féin and other republicans have delivered big time in terms of this process. It's now over to the governments to deliver big time. That is what they obliged to do - to deliver their obligations. This is particularly for the Irish government. It has a very special onus to come forward with propositions that are about the Good Friday Agreement - not some notion that Ian Paisley has conjured up." ENDS

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