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Kearney welcomes significant intervention by German Federal Parliament Committee on GFA

17 February, 2022 - by Declan Kearney

Sinn Féin MLA Declan Kearney has welcomed a significant statement from German politicians in the Federal Parliament stressing the “central importance” of the Good Friday Agreement and Irish Protocol, following a briefing to the Bundestag's European Affairs Committee.

The party’s Brexit spokesperson said:

“I welcome strong support from German politicians for the Protocol and the need to protect the Good Friday Agreement.

“Support from countries across Europe, the US and elsewhere, for our peace process has been steadfast for nearly three decades. 

“During the last twelve months senior government figures and politicians within the international community have noted with increasing alarm the abject failure of this Tory administration to uphold its obligations under international law, and to implement and protect the Good Friday Agreement in all its parts.

“The formal discussion at the German Bundestag European Affairs Committee on Wednesday reflects the growing concern within the EU about this undermining of both the smooth operation of the Protocol, and the Good Friday Agreement, as well as the implications of the existing political crisis for the future of the power sharing institutions.

"The current uncertainty threatens the unique opportunity provided by the Protocol for our regional economy to continue trading into the EU single market and benefiting from increased job creation and investment.

“Local businesses, farmers, manufacturers, and workers want certainty and positive outcomes from the talks between the EU and the British government. I hope that can be delivered when the Joint Committee meets next week.“

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