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Imperative British government acts to support people facing cost of living crisis - Archibald

27 February, 2022 - by Caoimhe Archibald

Sinn Féin MLA Caoimhe Archibald has said it’s imperative the British government acts to support people facing the cost of living crisis, which will be exacerbated following aggressive against Ukraine.

The party's economy spokesperson said:

"Over the past number of months energy prices have soared, and inflation is at its highest level in decades as food and other prices continue to rise.

"Russia’s invasion this week of Ukraine is likely to exacerbate the cost of living crisis."Already oil, gas and other prices have risen, and those rises are set to continue.

"To date the British government response to the cost of living crisis has been entirely inadequate, there has been no meaningful intervention.

"This needs to change; Sinn Féin has repeatedly called for the removal of VAT on energy bills which would immediately reduce bills for domestic customers by 5%. 

"We also have called for a windfall tax on energy companies which have been reporting huge profits which should be directed towards supports for families and businesses impacted by soaring energy prices.

"The planned increase in National Insurance due to come in April needs to be reversed as it will hit lower income workers and small businesses hardest.

"There is also the planned change in how red diesel is used which will badly impact businesses here, particularly in the face of further rising fuel prices.

 "This change will put jobs at risk and is at its core a cynical move to increase revenue for the British Treasury."The change in red diesel entitlement needs to be halted and a plan to help carbon intensive businesses reduce emissions brought forward.

"As workers, families, and businesses are facing unprecedented rising costs, the British government can not sit on its hands and adopt a business as usual attitude, there is an imperative for it to act to support people now." 

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