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Council Mayors refuse to support cuts to Education budgets on the NELB

28 March, 2006

Sinn Fein education Spokesperson Michael Ferguson in discussions with Northern Education & Library Board representatives Cllr Oliver Mc Mullan Mayor Of Moyle District Council and Cllr Sean Kerr Mayor of Magherafelt District Council have reinforced the need to oppose the £4 million pounds with the cuts tabled at today’s (Tuesday 28.03.06) crucial Board meeting in Antrim.   Commenting upon the discussions Michael Ferguson said,   “ The Sinn Fein Mayors of Moyle and Magherafelt are determined as First Citizens of their Council areas to give leadership and in opposing £4 million pounds with the cuts call on the representatives from other parties to join with them and refuse to do the British Government’s dirty work”.   “ £4 million pounds with the cuts would inevitably see frontline services such as special needs, class room assistant and teachers taking the brunt of the cost cutting exercise with the corresponding rise in composite class sizes which has already bee the pattern elsewhere.”   “ In the recent SEELB DUP Cllr Jonathan Bell to his credit said that he would not sign off on cuts that would irrevocably impact on children with special needs for the rest of their lives. I want to commend this DUP Councillor for doing the right thing and those on the NELB need to do the same”.   “ We should not allow the British Direct Rule Education Minister to treat our children any differently from children in England and Wales and so with the Unions in support we should face down the British Government deliver a real budget to support education and learning.”ENDS  

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