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Reilly criticises manner in which Risk Review Report was handed by HSE

31 March, 2006

Sinn Fein Councillor Joe Reilly, a member of the North East/Dublin Regional  Health Forum has strongly criticised the manner in which the Risk Review Report was handled by the HSE.

At the inaugural meeting of the HSE in Kells I raised a number questions regarding Our Lady's Hospital with Professor Drumm, CEO of the HSE. At no point in the discussions did Professor Drumm indicate to us that the HSE were going to release a very serious and critical report on Our Lady's Hospital with 24 hours. Why were we, as public representatives not informed that such a report was about to be issued?

The report:

While broadly welcoming the report there are a number of issues of concern, which need to be responded to by the HSE:

(a) The report recommended that the transfer of "certain category of surgical patients" to Dublin hospitals. What are these categories and how many patients would need to be transferred on an annual basis?

(b)Would the appointment of the "lead clinician" be responsible for leading the development of the Surgical Department to the point that the several hundred elective surgery operations that are cancelled annually in the hospital due to the lack of beds become a thing of the past?

(c) I welcome the recognition with the report the need to address infrastructural needs of Our Lady's particularly in relation the A&E.The physical structure of the building must be addressed along with proper
staffing levels.
(d) There have been consistent rumours over the years regarding bullying in the workplace. The management of the hospital must address these problems immediately.

Concluding Cllr Reilly said:

The implementing of the recommendations of the report must be used to improve the standards of Our Lady's Hospital. They should not be used to undermine the future of the hospital.

The people of Meath and Navan deserve a first class health service in a first class hospital. The six members of Sinn Fein elected to the North East/Dublin Forum will support measures that improve and enhance a health service capable of catering for the people of one of the fastest growing towns in Ireland. We will not be supportive of a strategy that undermines or downgrades local hospitals."ENDS

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