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“Ireland yet to receive a single euro from the EU’s Recovery Plan” – Chris MacManus MEP

4 May, 2022 - by Chris MacManus MEP

“Ireland yet to receive a single euro from the EU’s Recovery Plan” – Chris MacManus MEP
Sinn Féin MEP Chris MacManus has said Ireland is one of a small number of countries yet to receive a single euro from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Fund, describing the situation as “unacceptable during a cost of living crisis”. 
MacManus pointed out that it is nearly one year since Ireland’s plan to spend our share was submitted and nine months since it was approved.
The Midlands Northwest MEP said:
“It is now nine months since the EU’s Council of Ministers agreed Ireland’s plan to spend the €990m Ireland is entitled to draw down. Yet Ireland is yet to receive even a single euro.”
“For comparison, this month Italy received €21bn and Greece €3.6bn, whilst our country’s share is capped at €990m. it is clear we are running behind in drawing down our share.”
“This is all the more disappointing as we are living through a cost of living crisis.” Stated MacManus, “A large part of Ireland’s plan is focused on bringing about the green revolution we need. The investments for example include a €155m plan for retrofitting of buildings including housing which would see working families and people save on their energy bills.”
“Plans for extending a schools broadband programme and health projects are also dependent on this funding being drawn down.”
“It is unacceptable that almost a year after Ireland submitted its plan, which was itself later than scheduled, we are yet to receive or indeed apply for our share of the EU’s recovery package. Moreover, Ireland has failed to apply for pre-financing like other countries and seems to have decided not to apply for additional loans under the plan. As interest rates look set to rise that decision may need to be revisited.”
MacManus concluded, “It is time for the government to get its act together and start drawing down what we are entitled to. Each day and month that passes means Ireland is missing out on sorely needed investment.” ENDS

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