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Ógra Shinn Féin hold protest at private healthcare conference

5 April, 2006

Ógra Shinn Féin today held a protest to halt 'Ireland's inaugural private healthcare conference' in the Berkeley Court Hotel. They did this through direct action protest and read the following statement to the conference attendees. The action is to attempt to stop the privatisation of the Irish healthcare system by obstructing those who attempt to subvert it for profit from organising.

The statement said:

We are here to protest against those assembled here who seek to make a profit from people's pain, profit from people's suffering and profit from people's fears and their ill-health.

I refer to those in the private health industry who are here today in an attempt to further Americanise and commodify the health of the Irish people. They collude in this with our increasingly right-wing Government, which sees the enrichment of the corporate elite as preferable to the well-being of the Irish people.

We in Ógra Shinn Fein believe that health is for people - not for profit. Corporations such as GE make everything from light bulbs to cars and now they wish to treat sick Irish people; as long as they have money.

The Irish people are not only paying for their health with their taxes, they are also paying with their suffering and death at the hands of an under-funded health service.

We believe that access to health care is a universal and inalienable right for all; not a privilege for the wealthy, nor should the lack of such universal provision be punishment for the poor.

Onwards towards to Socialist Republic. ENDS

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