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Solid support for the Protocol across the north – Kearney

29 June, 2022 - by Declan Kearney

Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney has welcomed the latest Lucidtalk poll showing that a majority of people across the north support the protocol and the economic opportunity it affords the regional economy. 

The South Antrim MLA said:

“The growing weight of evidence about the benefits of the Protocol flies in the face of the fake news being propagated by the Tories and the DUP.

“Across the north, and beyond,  we are hearing from businesses, academics and professionals that the Protocol is protecting the north's economy from the worst effects of Brexit. 

“This Lucidtalk poll confirms the reality on the ground that the majority of the people who elect us feel protected and more secure in their businesses because of the Protocol.

“In this challenging economic climate, and in an ongoing cost of living crisis, it is irresponsible of the British Government to continue to distort the facts and further threaten the stability of our economy here in the north. The fact is that against the backdrop of the spiralling cost of living crisis, we cannot afford to do without the Protocol. 

“The British government and DUP misinformation campaign must be challenged and countered with a responsible narrative, supported by the hard data which clearly demonstrates the Protocol is working for businesses in the north, and protecting the interests of workers and families.”

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