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Legacy bill a ‘slap in the face’ to victims and families – O’Neill

29 June, 2022 - by Michelle O'Neill

Sinn Féin First Minister Designate Michelle O’Neill has said the British government’s legacy bill is another ‘slap in the face’ to victims who have campaigned for decades for truth and justice.

In a letter to Brandon Lewis today, Michelle O’Neill said:

“Victims and families, all political parties, the Irish government and the Human Rights Commission have highlighted major flaws with this legislation.

“The fact that Brandon Lewis has ploughed ahead, and fast-tracked it through Westminster, ignoring widespread concerns confirms that their objective is closing down any further independent scrutiny or investigation of the British state’s role in the conflict.

“The Legacy Bill is a clear breach of British government commitments in two international treaties, the Stormont House and New Decade New Approach agreements and is a cause of significant concern.

“The Tories approach represents yet another slap in the face to the many victims and families who have been campaigning for 50 years for truth, justice and acknowledgement. 

“Progressing with this Bill speaks to a blatant disregard for victims, and which will affect confidence in the rule of law and the administration of justice. Of that I have no doubt.

“The British government should listen to the voices of victims and families and bin this flawed legislation now.  

“They should implement the Stormont House Agreement, which was agreed by the two governments and the political parties, and which provided for a range of mechanisms to give victims access to truth and justice in a human rights complaint manner."

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