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Anger as Adria manufacturing operation ceases

6 April, 2006

West Tyrone Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty has said that the local community will meet the announcement that all manufacturing operations at Adria's Beechmount Avenue plant in Strabane will cease within 90 days with deep anger and sadness. Adria's Beechmount Avenue plant has been the mainstay of the local economy for more than forty years,

Mr Doherty said

"Since Quantum took over Adria it has been a case of 'death by forty cuts' with the incremental running down of local operations while strengthening operations in developing and third world countries.

"The committed workforce has been treated abysmally by management. They have been kept in the dark and only told at short notice they were being laid off with only the bare minimum of redundancy packages being offered.

"Many of the workers who stayed on, because of promises from the company that there would be future employment in a smaller scale 'centre of excellence' at the Beechmount Avenue site, now feel cheated. Whatever other vacancies were available locally are now long since gone.

"The anger in the local community at Quantum is also tinged with much sadness at the ending of an era for Strabane. Thousands of local people have been employed at the factory down through the years and the realisation that this plant is all but gone will create a great sense of loss in the local community.

"The Direct Rule Administration can no longer ignore the economic plight of the District. If Direct Rule Ministers are as committed to addressing disadvantage and deprivation on the basis of need and not political expediency, as they claim, they must now respond to the demand for the area to be designated as an area of 'Special Economic Need' supported with the provision of an appropriate package of economic regeneration." ENDS

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