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British government must act now to tackle cost-of-living crisis - Murphy

1 August, 2022 - by Conor Murphy

Sinn Féin MLA Conor Murphy has said the British government should ‘call time’ on big energy companies and ensure they pay their way. 

And the finance minister said the DUP should end its boycott of the Executive and form a government to put money in people’s pockets. 

Conor Murphy said:

“We have repeatedly told the British government that they must act to support workers and families through the cost-of-living crisis as they struggle to pay their bills. 

“They should start by calling time on big energy companies – whose profits are through the roof – and ensure they pay their way and aren’t ripping off ordinary people. 

“Executive departments need more money to deal with the rise in inflation and the huge spike in living costs. The British government must step up and provide more money to ensure that can happen. 

“They have failed to help businesses under pressure with rising costs, they need action now to keep their doors open and protect jobs.

“This is the big challenge facing workers and families this winter. We need an Executive up and running immediately so we can start putting money in people’s pockets. 

“The DUP should end its boycott, rejoin the Executive and work with the rest of us to put the interests of workers and families first.”

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