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Sinn Féin will continue to stand with Bloody Sunday families

6 September, 2022 - by Pádraig Delargey

Sinn Féin MLA Padráig Delargy has said the party will continue to stand with the Bloody Sunday families in their campaign for truth and justice. 

The Foyle MLA was speaking after relatives of Bloody Sunday victims seeking the prosecution of three more former British soldiers have been denied permission to take their legal battle to the Supreme Court.

Padráig Delargy said: 

“Today’s announcement is another devastating and heart-breaking blow to the families who have been campaigning for truth and justice for almost 50 years.

“British soldiers murdered 13 people on the streets of Derry in 1972 with a 14th man later dying from his injuries.  

“The British State must be answerable for the crimes it has committed in Ireland.

“Through their dedicated and committed campaign the families exposed what happened for all to see and they are an inspiration to everyone challenging state injustice and cover-up across the world.

“Today’s decision comes as the British government is attempting to push through their amnesty bill, which will put its state forces, agents and proxies beyond the law and deny families their basic legal rights to an inquest, an independent investigation and to pursue civil actions.

“What families need to hear is that their legal rights will be protected, and they also need the mechanisms agreed at Stormont House in 2014 by political parties and the Irish and British governments implemented in a human right's compliant manner.

“The British government should listen to the voices of victims and families and bin this flawed legislation without further delay. 

“Sinn Féin will continue to stand with the Bloody Sunday families.”

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