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Join the Conversation on Irish Unity – Kearney

23 September, 2022 - by Declan Kearney

Sinn Féin National Party Chairperson Declan Kearney has urged all those in greater Belfast interested in future constitutional change and who want to discuss the shape and form of such change to register for the Sinn Féin’s Belfast Peoples’ Assembly in the Waterfront Hall on 12 October.

Declan Kearney MLA who is chair of the Commission on the Future of Ireland, established by Sinn Féin a year ago said:

“Last year marked 100 years of Ireland’s partition. Today increasing numbers of citizens are realising the absurdity of partition and looking for change.

“Ireland is changed and changing, underlined by the publication of the census figures, research initiatives, and electoral and opinion poll results witnessed in recent years are evidence that constitutional change is being embraced by more and more people.

“Irish Unity is now very possible; but reunification is not inevitable. It needs to be planned for. That means those of us who want Irish Unity must plan systematically for its achievement. Importantly we must address the concerns of those who have not yet made up their minds, and are unsure how they would vote in a unity referendum; including those citizens who may even intend voting against Irish unity.

“Citizens, irrespective of whether they are nationalist or unionist, British or Irish, or none of these, want to know what the new Ireland will offer them and their families. They want answers and reassurances on priorities such as governmental structures, health service provision, and pensions.

“Sinn Féin believes the new Ireland should be about ambition, sustainable and decent jobs, with fair pay and conditions. It should be a world leader in climate protection, educational opportunity, and citizens’ rights. These are the discussions we all need to be having, and the Belfast Peoples Assembly aims to create a forum for such grassroots engagement.

“Three weeks ago a letter of invitation from Uachtarán Shinn Féin Mary Lou McDonald TD was issued to hundreds of individuals, organisations, community groups and businesses across Belfast encouraging participation in the Belfast Peoples’ Assembly on 12 October in the Waterfront Studio, Waterfront Hall.

“Sinn Féin has also promoted the event with several different leaflets aimed at Irish and Ulster Scots speakers, as well as Arabic, Polish, Ukrainian, and Romanian people.

“There has been enormous interest with almost 150 people already registered to participate and almost 50 submissions made.

“Anyone wishing to register to attend the Belfast Peoples Assembly should do so soon as possible due to limited space in the Waterfront Studio. You can register at

“An online submission can be made by accessing

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