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Addiction and recovery budget disrespectful to those on the frontline in our communities - Thomas Gould TD

28 September, 2022 - by Thomas Gould TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Addiction, Recovery and Wellbeing, Thomas Gould TD, has today slammed the delivery of just €4m in Budget 2023 for addiction and recovery.

Teachta Gould said:

“Only 0.4% of government spending will go towards addiction. This is an insult to those working on the frontline, and to those in our communities saving lives and saving families every single day.

"Sinn Féin’s addiction and recovery budget was 10 times the Minister’s.

“We would have delivered a €45m suite of measures that would have made a real difference. The Minister has delivered a weak, half-hearted and unambitious €4m.

“A survey by Merchant’s Quay found that six in 10 irish people have direct experience of addiction – their family members, their friends, themselves. This budget has failed every single one of these people.

“We would have restored power to the community sector. Drug and alcohol taskforces are still operating at 11% less funding than they had 11 years ago. The Minister hasn’t given them a red cent.

“With €11bn announced yesterday, what has been delivered for the addiction and recovery sector is not just too little, it is downright disrespectful.

“We are faced with a Minister who didn’t go to bat for the vulnerable people he is supposed to represent.

“People, families and communities deserve better. They deserve a Minister who understands, who listens and who acts. They deserve a Minister and a government who cares.”

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