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Durkan challenged over Westminster remarks

27 April, 2006

Sinn Féin Assembly member Caitriona Ruane today said that the observations on the state of the political process by SDLP leader Mark Durkan had become increasingly comical. Ms Ruane‚s remarks came after Mark Durkan alleged that a delay in reforming the political institutions was to the advantage of Sinn Féin.

Ms Ruane said:

"Since the collapse of the political institutions by the British government Sinn Féin have been the lead party in attempting to pressurise both governments to challenge the rejectionists and get back onto the Good Friday Agreement agenda.

"Unlike others we have never been content with standing outside the process and leaving the hard work and hard decisions to others. As the lead nationalist and the lead pro-Agreement party, Sinn Féin have a responsibility to provide leadership.

"Sinn Féin are determined to see the two governments deliver on the Good Friday Agreement. That is why, unlike Mark Durkan's party, we have avoided giving succour to the DUP through publicly settling for proposals far short of that benchmark.

"Sinn Féin want to see fully functioning institutions. That is why we have put so much effort into the process in recent times. It is comical for Mark Durkan to suggest anything else and many may speculate that his increasing desire to see the November deadline shifted into the following year is motivated by a desire to try and ensure the continued payment of MLAs salaries.‰" ENDS

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