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Sinn Féin select two candidates to contest Dublin South

28 April, 2006

Sinn Féin last night selected two candidates to contest the South Dublin constituency in the upcoming general election. Both Shaun Tracey and Sorcha NicChormaic were selected unopposed at a selection convention in Rathfarnam yesterday evening. Arthur Morgan TD also addressed the convention.

Speaking after been selected Mr. Tracey said, "This constituency is wide open for Sinn Féin. This right wing government is represented in Dublin South by no less than three TDs including two Government Ministers. And what has this meant for the people of South Dublin? It has meant some of the highest bin taxes in this state, it has meant chaos in our hospitals and it has meant one of the largest social housing waiting lists in the state.

"It has also meant a mass exodus of working class people from the constituency because they can no longer afford to live in the communities they grew up. People trying to buy houses have to move as far away as Wicklow, Wexford, Kildare and Meath to afford a mortgage. Its either that or pay some rich landlord's mortgage. Its got to the stage were I feel that the developers, speculators and their friends in the political establishment are having a laugh at the expense of traditional communities. Thousands of new homes are being built throughout the constituency while at the same time many people, including friends that I grew up with, are being forced out of the area.

Ms. NicChormaic said, "Earlier this month the Sunday Independent exposed Sinn Féin's so-called secret plan to seize power and implement a range of Republican and Socialist policies. It went on to say, 'Sinn Féin's ultimate political ambition is today exposed. Within a generation, even sooner, it intends to run this country, North and South, and eventually as one.'

"Well for once they were absolutely right and I look forward to us all doing our bit to bring that day closer in the next election here in Dublin South, and to make their nightmare, and our dream, a reality." ENDS

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