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Adams - Collusion authorised at the highest levels

2 May, 2006

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP today joined families of those killed through collusion to launch the new An Fhirinne website ( at an event in Belfast. Mr Adams said that "Collusion and state killings were a matter of administrative practice in the north and were authorised at the highest political levels".

Mr Adams congratulated all of those involved in the launch of the An Fhirinne website and paid tribute to the families who lost loved ones as a result of collusion and state murder. He paid a particular tribute to the family of Seamus Ludlow whose 30th anniversary takes place this week.

Mr Adams said:

"While there have been many deaths arising out of the conflict An Fhirinne seeks to draw attention to those carried out by state forces as well as those involving collusion between state forces and unionist paramilitaries. Together these claimed hundreds of lives over 30 years of conflict.

"Collusion and state killings were a matter of administrative practice in the north and were authorised at the highest political levels.

"For the families of state violence and collusion there has been the trauma of dealing with the loss of a loved one, but their grief has been compounded by the lies and deceit of the state in covering up the truth of these events.

"Many of these families are only now beginning to learn of the role collusion played in the murder of a relative.

"An Fhirinne has been campaigning for four years, demanding that the British government acknowledge the truth of the role its state agencies played in the murder of citizens; and that it dismantle the apparatus and structures of collusion.

"Its objective is to secure an international, independent public judicial inquiry into collusion and state killings. This is an enormous challenge.

"This mornings report in the Irish news on the role of the UDR will have surprised no one. It is one further piece of evidence of the extent to which collusion took place.

"Inevitably, there is massive resistance by the British political and intelligence system to the truth, as well as by those agencies who planned, co-ordinated and carried out these activities.

"An Fhirinne has done tremendous work in recent years, producing among other work a DVD, a photographic exhibition, and it has sent delegations to Britain, Europe and the USA.

"In the time ahead it is the intention of An Fhirinne to incorporate other campaign groups into their work and to work closely with other similar based groups campaigning for truth.

"This web site is impressive. The internet can be a powerful tool for good if used effectively. The An Fhirinne website will provide information on the victims of state violence and collusion, including shoo-to-kill cases and plastic bullet victims. It will also allow families to tell their personal story to a wider, international audience.

"I want to commend all of those involved in its production." ENDS

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