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Tory budget proposals ‘devastating, immoral and indefensible’ – Murphy

27 April, 2023 - by Conor Murphy

Sinn Féin MLA and former Finance Minster Conor Murphy will today tell the British Secretary of State that his budget proposals are ‘devastating, immoral and indefensible’.

Conor Murphy and party colleague Caoimhe Archibald MLA will meet with Chris Heaton-Harris and representatives of the other main parties in Hillsborough today. 

Conor Murphy said: 

“The budget proposed by the British Secretary of State will have a devastating impact on our public services, economy and workers and families.

“I will make it clear in today’s meeting at Hillsborough that it will hit the most vulnerable hardest and it is immoral and indefensible. 

“By exacerbating social and economic problems, the cuts will create additional pressures on the public finances and undermine public services already struggling with the effects of austerity, the impact of Brexit and the pandemic. 

“This unadulterated Tory budget is the direct consequence of the absence of the Executive. 

"The boycott of the Executive by the DUP is itself an act of gross political negligence, which must end.   

“There is an urgent onus on the two governments, the parties and not least the DUP to get the Assembly and Executive up and moving.

The public, including schoolchildren losing vital services and patients on waiting lists for life saving treatments, are being punished and there is no more time for delay.” 

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