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UUP move described as breathtaking hypocrisy

13 May, 2006

Sinn Fein Mitchel McLaughlin has described reported UUP efforts to recruit the PUP leader to their Assembly group as breathtaking hypocrisy.

Mr. McLaughlin said:

For decades unionists, led by the UUP refused to engage with Sinn Fein elected representatives on the basis of alleged IRA activity. The UUP repeatedly brought down the political institutions on the issue of IRA decommissioning. Yet, in an attempt to obtain an extra Minister in a new Assembly, they are seeking to have the PUP leader join their Stormont group when the UVF has refused outright to decommission and continues to engage in sectarian, racist and internecine violence.

"It is David Ervine's democratic right to join any group he wishes. But the UUP attempts to recruit David Ervine underlined Unionist ambivalent towards loyalist violence in the starkest terms possible. The double standards of the UUP are breath taking."ENDS

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