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Molloy - break or make time for the Good Friday Agreement

14 May, 2006

Sinn Féin MLA Francie Molloy speaking in Mid Ulster this afternoon said " Tomorrow the Peter Hain version of the Assembly will meet at Parliament buildings.

"Despite our concerns at the handling of the current situation by the two governments, Sinn Fein will be there to do our best to make progress. A huge amount of time and energy has been invested into this process over the last decade but we are approaching make or break time for the Agreement.

"The reconvening of the Assembly provides an opportunity to make genuine progress but the sole focus must be on ensuring that the power-sharing Executive and all-Ireland institutions are fully restored and that local politicians take up their responsibilities.

"We also need to ensure that the sectarianism which manifested itself in the murder of Michael McIlveen is eradicated forever. For all of this to work the British government needs to make it clear to the DUP that they have a choice to make in the coming weeks with regard to participation in a power sharing government and that if they choose otherwise the two governments will move forward anyway with the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement". ENDS

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