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Pat Doherty to hold London briefings on Sinn Féin approach

17 May, 2006

Sinn Féin Vice President Pat Doherty MP is in London today for a number of political and media engagements. He will take the opportunity to brief MPs on the restored Assembly and Sinn Féin‚s approach to seeing fully functioning political institutions established in the immediate time ahead.

Mr Doherty said:

"Today will be the first opportunity since Peter Hain reconvened his version of an Assembly on Monday to brief MPs and interested parties in London on our view of recent developments. I will make it clear that what met this week is not what was demanded by the Good Friday Agreement and that our only interest is in seeing a fully functioning Executive and All-Ireland Ministerial Council established.

"The time for DUP excuses has long since past. The two governments have an obligation to deliver on the Good Friday Agreement. We are fully committed to this process. We are fully committed to replacing British ministers with locally elected ones. The question still remains for the DUP whether or not they have the political courage to enter government and take real decisions which affect people‚s lives. So far they have failed to meet this challenge." ENDS

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