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McGuinness confirms Sinn Féin participation in Committee

30 May, 2006

Speaking after a meeting of the Sinn Féin Assembly group in Stormont this morning, the party Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness confirmed that his party would participate in the committee proposed by Peter Hain to prepare for the restoration of the Good Friday Agreement political institutions.

Mr McGuinness said:

“The only reason Sinn Féin is playing any role in the Hain Assembly is to deliver a power-sharing Executive.

“With this as our central focus, Sinn Fein will attend the meeting of the Preparation for Government Committee next Tuesday. Real work needs to be done to prepare for the restoration of the political institutions. Sinn Fein will participate in this committee with the intention of urgently completing this work.

“We will not be involved in a talking shop either in the Assembly or in this committee. The key question remains however, whether or not the DUP are prepared to engage positively. If they are, this committee could achieve early progress. But if the DUP remain in rejectionist mode, then the rest of us need to move on with the implementation of all other aspects of the Good Friday Agreement.” ENDS

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