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Haddock shooting follows pattern

30 May, 2006

Commenting this evening after the shooting of leading loyalist and suspected Special Branch agent Mark Haddock, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Justice issues Gerry Kelly said that many would be suspicious of the motivation behind this shooting given the fact that the Ombudsman inquiry into Mark Haddock, the Mount Vernon UVF and their collusion with the Special Branch was due to be published next month.

Mr Kelly said:

"Mark Haddock was for many years a leading figure in the UVF in Mount Vernon, a grouping associated with many sectarian killings. It is also widely accepted that Haddock and others within the UVF in Mount Vernon were also working for the Special Branch for many years throughout this entire period.

"An inquiry into collusion between the Mount Vernon UVF and the Special Branch is currently being conducted by the Police Ombudsman and is due to be published next month. Mark Haddock is at the centre of this inquiry. Given this many people will be rightly suspicious of both the timing and the motivation behind this shooting.

"There is a clear pattern of former British Agents being killed in circumstances like this just as allegations of collusion or other activities are about to be exposed, as was the case of those involved in the murder of Pat Finucane." ENDS

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